• Cal OSHA Training

  • Cal OSHA training programs are tailored and customized at All Purpose Safety Training Solutions (APSTS) to develop better management around all business’s specific needs. We culminate in successful programs for major companies and employees to meet the latest standards and regulations in California.

    Employee Safety Training

    Our employee safety training management team provides employers with Cal OSHA safety courses in an environment that cannot be re-created. Our mission is to help businesses work smarter and also safer with proper Cal OSHA safety and health management toward businesses.

    Employee Safety Benefits

    Here are some employee safety benefits that can prevent accidents and also improve compliance:

    • Prevention of injuries and illnesses for a better workplace. Improved compliance with laws and regulations, decreasing liabilities.
    • Reduced costs, including significant reductions in workers’ compensation premiums.
    • Engaged workers who feel safer and more confident in the work they’re doing.
    • Enhanced social responsibility goals that promote an overall better workplace culture.
    • Increased productivity and enhance overall business operations.


    Having an IIPP Cal OSHA is one of the important structures implemented to manage the successful injury, illness, and prevention program standards and regulations. Having an IIPP set in place is a smart way to protect assets and lower insurance rates along with protecting the lives of others.

    Cal IIPP Development

    • Schedule training and retraining
    • Implementation of identifying and evaluating workplace hazards
    • A system for ensuring employees comply with standards and regulations
    • A system for communicating with employees on matters relating to standards and regulations
    • More.

    IIPP Implementation

    • Manage the IIPP program as a team
    • Perform on-site inspections
    • Provide comprehensive employee orientation
    • Understand policies/procedures and the code of safe practices
    • More.

    Full Scope of Safety Programs

    The Audit

    Everything starts with a comprehensive safety audit of your facilities.
    The purpose of the audit is to identify existing hazards and evaluate documentation that complies with CCR Title 8 Subchapter 7 of Subchapter 4, by a competent OSHA safety consultant.

    IIPP Development

    Injury and Illness Prevention Program Development
    IIPP development based on issues identified during the audit. AP Safety Training will provide the best Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).

    IIPP Implementation

    Once an IIPP has been developed and tooled to fit the specifications of your business or worksite, APSTS will implement the program with the responsible Safety Manager and Committee Members. Our scope of implementation will include teaching leaders how to:

    Employee Implementation

    IIPP Employee implementation
    Once a plan has been thoroughly understood and coordinated by management and other accountable parties, APSTS works to help you roll out IIPP for employee implementation.

    Safety Committee Meetings

    We collaborate with the safety manager and committee in an effort to promote ongoing adherence to the IIPP and the continued evolution of proactive safety practices.

    Training and Audits

    A cornerstone of IIPP implementation and continued adherence, training and audits are essential and must be scheduled accordingly. APSTS helps with all of the following:

    Establish Employee Safety Incentive Programs

    APSTS will provide 2 categories to successfully establish employee safety incentive programs. To promote acceptance of your IIPP.

    Evaluate Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate

    APSTS will evaluate then consult with principal ownership, upper management, and safety managers to reduce worker’s compensation premiums and assist in lowering experience moderate.


    Without proper documentation, even the most robust IIPP is invalidated. Our team will work with yours to ensure everything is documented accordingly and that your liability for accidents and incidents is mitigated by a well-informed paper trail.

    A Safe Workplace Is A Sound Business!

    All Purpose Safety Training Solutions provides CAL OSHA Safety and Health Program Management for a better and safer workplace.

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