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  • Cal OSHA Safety Training in San Diego County

    AP Safety Training Solutions provides open enrollment and onsite Cal OSHA safety training programs in San Diego County.

    Should you Want OSHA training in The San Diego County or Nearby Region, you are in the Ideal Location!

    AP Safety Training Solutions, LLC offers companies the training resources required to assist them to meet federal OSHA or even Cal-OSHA training demands. Click on the link below to the course you Will Need to obtain a quote for an on-site OSHA training class:

    – Confined spaces in construction training in the San Diego County

    – CPR first-aid training in the San Diego County

    Regulation of OSHA Training in San Diego County

    Who regulates worker safety in your area?

    Worker health and safety (OSHA) training for employers located in San Diego County is primarily regulated by a state agency. That is because the State of California has an agreement with Federal OSHA to operate an approved State Plan OSHA Program, commonly known as Cal-OSHA. Initial approval of the California State Plan was published on May 1, 1973, and certification for completing all developmental steps was received on August 19, 1977.

    OSHA Health and Safety Standards

    Health and safety standards in San Diego and throughout California are significantly different than those of Federal OSHA and the other state-run OSHA programs. The Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board is a standard setting agency within the Cal-OSHA program, which includes development and maintenance of standards for certain areas not covered by federal standards or enforcement. These latter standards apply anywhere to HAZ-MAT, elevators, aerial passenger tramways, amusement rides, pressure vessels, and my safety training.

    Cal-OSHA health and safety standards (also known as safety orders under Title 8) are available on the California standards and directory website.